Struggles–We’ve All Got Them

Things I’ve Learned #8

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop as I write this and as I look around the room, there’s something that strikes me that I would never have seen before.

If I had the super power to be able to see inside everyone’s heart and soul, I’d see that every single one of the people here is dealing with a struggle.

Some of the struggles are very obvious – like the older gentleman in the corner who has been coming every day for years – I don’t know whether he’s a widower or if his wife is ill and doesn’t remember him but he’s obviously lonely.

Some are less obvious – like the older lady and college age girl sitting at a table with a Bible open in front of them – obviously a mentoring situation.   Obviously a learning process.

Some are invisible  – like the two ladies sitting by the fireplace chatting and laughing and enjoying their time together.

But they all have struggles – and it would be good if we’d all remember that.    If we all lived our lives with the mindset that the person we’re talking to is hurting and struggling, then we’ll see a kinder and gentler community and then the world can see the love of God through God’s people.


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