That Moment

You struggle with it.  I struggle with it.

It’s on the news.   Pictures, stories, arrests, bombs, beheadings, smoke, fear.

It’s on the news.  Grown men insulting each other while insisting they can run the country.

It’s on the news.   Comparisons between political candidates and really really bad men from times gone past.

It’s on the news.  She says she can be President but she can’t keep top secret e-mails top secret.

It’s on the news.  People treating other people like they are “less” because of where they came from and how they look.

It’s not only on the news.   It’s the 33 year old cousin of a friend who died in a farming accident this week.

It’s not only on the news.   It’s the private devastation that ruins people’s lives.

It’s not only on the news.   It’s job losses, it’s medical diagnoses, it’s mental illnesses, it’s financial pain.

It’s not on the news.   Relational struggles.   PTSD.   PTSD from living with PTSD. 

It’s all over and it’s really really hard.

It’s hard to see the good.   You want to see the good but it’s hard to see the good.

And then you show up at church on Good Friday.

And you sit on the floor, not because there aren’t chairs but because it’s a small reminder of the pain that Jesus suffered for us.

And the minister begins to talk.  

And she talks about pain.

And she talks about how this has been a tough year – a tough year for a lot of people and a lot of places.

And at that moment, she reaches in and touches the pain.   She reaches in and shows that God sees our pain.

God gets it.

Jesus gets it.   He understands our pain.   He understands that there is wicked and evil in this world.

But He’s done something about it.   Not just one thing, not just one problem.

He’s taken care of the entire problem.   He’s attacked evil, destroyed it, paid the price.

That’s the moment.   That’s the moment where, with tears running down your face, you know God’s got this. 

And  He’s got that.

And He’s got the thing that feels like it knocked the wind out of your lungs and left you crumpled on the floor.

And He’s got your loved one who is too sick to pray on their own.

And He’s got the lunacy that appears to be afflicting the international and national scene.  

Jesus wept when He went to Lazarus’ tomb.   He knew what He was going to do, He knew that the grief would be short lived.

But He wept. 

He didn’t just try to smooth talk it over and say, “there there, it’s going to be okay.”

Jesus wept at the pain of people in this world.

He weeps about the pain that is happening to you, to me, to those we love.

But He did something and He will make all things new.   Maybe not when we want, maybe not where we want.   But He will.

And that’s the moment where Good Friday really became Good tonight.


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