It Strikes Me……

It strikes me again how mind boggling social media can be.

Just this week…..

Through social media, I’m praying for a friend who is escorting a severely malnourished infant to a hospital in Haiti.

Through social media, I’m wrestling with some very deep questions with a friend who is struggling with some challenges from her children’s birth families and their stories.

Through social media, I’m grieving with a family I’ve never met over the loss of their 19 month old daughter who died on Easter morning.   And I’m grieving with a group of hundreds who have been impacted by the grace and peace God has given this family through this painful time.  

Through social media, I’m feeling jealous of people who are trekking to significantly warmer temperatures for this next week.  We won’t be going that far south so swimsuits and flip flops aren’t on the packing list.

Through social media, I’m happy with two friends who discovered they will be coming grandparents this year.   Don’t worry, they are a LOT older than I am.

But also, through social media, I’ve seen scars ripped open……

I’ve seen people be reminded of things that haven’t turned out the way they wanted..

I’ve seen people brutally reminded of losses that happened in their past – while at the same time, they have been instrumental in preventing similar losses in other people’s lives.

And it all happened via social media.

Some of it is good.

Some of it is hard.

I hope we all can remember that whatever we share on social media has the potential to either encourage or hurt someone else and be conscious of that possibility.

A kinder and gentler social media would be a blessing that we could all use.

Pay it forward, it will be good for everyone……


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