When Hope Seems to be Gone – by Ann Voskamp

"True, debates rage about politics and terrorism and racism, and Facebook streams scream with opinions and rhetoric and rage, and headlines burn with all this unimaginable and it all scalds our hearts,  and the world feels mad.And on the margins, we touch our own wounds that no one sees, we trace the outlines of our own unspoken broken — … Continue reading When Hope Seems to be Gone – by Ann Voskamp


AngerDisbeliefSadnessQuestionsFrustrationsSocial MediaGunsIslamHomosexualityPoliticsSilenceTwitterGriefTalking HeadsStirring emotionsFalling Apartvs.LoveNeighborsChristToleranceGun controlAnger ManagementStanding UpSpeaking OutRefusing to be silentMental HealthDifferentLovePointing the world toward GodI don't know about you, but I'll take the second part.Tom