I’ve heard it said that when people resort to violence, it’s because they have lost all hope for a peaceful resolution to their problems.

After centuries of fighting in the Middle East, is that why ISIS has gained in popularity among younger generation Muslims?

Is that why the statistics are stacked against black young men in terms of all sorts of negative things – arrests, jail term length, conviction rates, unemployment rates, shot during routine or minor arrests rates, likelihood to get killed by a cop during a routine traffic stop?

Is that why a former reality TV show host is currently running for President on a platform of anger against the establishment?

Is that why unnecessary and extreme force was used against two black men this week?

Is that why snipers shot and killed police officers in Dallas last night?

Is that why #blacklivesmatter is a movement because too many people have lost hope in the belief that #ALLlivesmatter?   And only  once #blacklivesmatter  will we able to say that NOW #alllivesmatter?

Is that why Britain voted to leave the European Union?   They had lost hope that being part of the EU would give them a better “chance?”

Hope – it is so important to have.

Hope – it’s so hard to see right now.

What can we do?

What should we do?

We all play different roles – how do each of those roles fit into putting hope back in the world?

We are all different – what role is God calling us to as we work to make this a better world?

A world where my son doesn’t have to worry about anything other than a ticket and an unhappy dad if he gets pulled over.

A world where black and white and Asian and Hispanic and…….. can worship together in peace.  

I don’t know in terms of the big picture things – but as one of the people at the Bible Study I attended last night said,  “We all need to work inside our circle to make the world a better place.   To make the world a safer place.  And it needs to start with the church.”

So, as the world swirls in turmoil, what can you do to make your circle a safer place?

What can your church do to make the world a safer place?

Go do something nice for your neighbor.

If you see a police officer today, go out of your way to thank him or her for keeping the peace.

Stand up for the rights of those who struggle.   Reach out to someone today who might  be struggling, especially with all of the events of this week.

Do Justice.

Love Mercy.

Walk Humbly with our God.


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