There are no easy answers.

Discussion in the car on the way to Bible Study – how can you talk about justice in a world like ours?

2 murders of black men by police in 1 day.

3 black kids in the car, one white kid.   The same world, friends.

Yet totally different worlds.  

One can move and live and act with freedom.    The others need to be concerned.

Concerned about what others think.

Concerned about how the world sees them.

And the fact that they might not like what they see.

“But that won’t happen here!”

Oh but it does.   It hasn’t ended in murder here, but it happens here.

Racism isn’t dead.   People are, but racism isn’t.

But hope is hard.

In a world full of evil, hope is hard.

But what do we do, God?  What do we do?

We know this is wrong.  We know the world is full of sin. 

But so many don’t want to acknowledge what is wrong.

So many are filled with anger.   Why?   

Why is anger getting in the way of healing?

What do we do?   How do we move forward?

How do we move towards peace when so many want war and hate and racism?

If change is going to come, it’s going to start with the church.

Nothing else works.

And the church needs to work together.




Please God, show us……

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