A Guy Named Colin and A Guy Named Dwayne

Two guys, two stories

Both play games for a living

One uses a round ball, the other one is “odd shaped.”

Both make way more money than 99% of us ever will.

Both are black.

Colin is bi-racial, Dwayne is not. 

Both are black.

Colin is part of a white family – adopted.

Dwayne’s cousin was shot in a driveby shooting this week.

She was pushing her child in a stroller.

She leaves behind four kids.

Both men have been deeply affected and impacted by the events of late.

By Ferguson.

By Baltimore.

By Baton Rouge.

By Tamir, Travyon and the list could go on.

Enough is enough, they both said.

The violence has been too much.   Too much loss, too much pain, too much suffering.

I heard a sermon this morning on “Grace and Race.”   A couple of things that Pastor Dave said that stuck with me……

His family (Dutch, white) came over to the United States in the early 1900s.   They didn’t create white privilege but there were many ways and many opportunities where they benefited from it.   Education, the GI Bill, many other ways they benefited from something that they didn’t create.

Since they didn’t create it, they shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  When people feel guilty about white privilege, they shut down and don’t talk about what they feel guilty about.  

Instead of feeling guilty, we should feel bad about it and feel motivated to do something about it.

Motivated to say, it’s not okay that violence has been increasingly the answer for everything.

Motivated to say, it’s not okay to dismiss movements that affirm the value of black lives when thousands of lives are being lost to the slaughter of abortion.   All lives don’t matter the same and we need to acknowledge that and then we need to change that.

Many people all over the United States are waking up and saying, “This is not right.”   “Enough is enough, this has to stop.”

Some of them say it in ways that seem disrespectful.

Some of them say it in ways that might be offensive to you.

But guess what.  Enough is enough.   There’s too much violence, too much racism and too much hate.

Enough is enough and whether you agree with how Colin protested or not.

Enough is enough, it’s time to do something about it.


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