God’s More Than Enough…..

Psalm 4:6 talks about how “the people” are always wanting more.  More of this, bigger, faster, higher, more more more!

And then David stops that cold with one simple sentence,  “I have God’s more than enough.”

Think about the enormity of that statement and the minutiae of our lives.

Think about the enormity of the world and the greed of the world and what this says about how Christians should live.

Does this mean we shouldn’t want more “stuff?”   No, it doesn’t say that.

It says that the “stuff” of life isn’t what is important.   The stuff of life isn’t what brings true happiness.

Leaning on God, claiming Him and choosing Him.

That’s more than enough.

Whether you’re battling disease, injury, broken relationships, struggles with government directions, or things way worse like persecution, terrorism, racism and hunger.  God gives more than enough.

Claim it for yourself and your family.

And then work toward leading others to God’s more than enough and helping them claim that too.

Because often, for others to have God’s more than enough, they need us to help them claim it.

But that’s for another day.   Today, “I have God’s more than enough.”

I hope you do too.


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