The Benefit of Blogs…..

I’ve been a small part of a conversation on Facebook about a blog post that someone else wrote.   Let’s just say it’s dealing with some racial challenges and many of the comments are not positive towards the writer’s viewpoint.

The writer attempts to wrestle with the issues but the majority of the comments suggest that she is coming at the issue from the standpoint of white privilege and not really doing the issue or the people involved in this issue any good.   But that got me thinking……

This blog post, thought I disagree with it, got me thinking.   While anyone can write a blog (even I do) and I wouldn’t believe much of the stuff that’s on them, they still all serve a purpose.   

If you read blogs, or if your friend reads a blog and tells you about it and you read it, it makes you think.

And if you think about an issue – whether it be about the price of houses in Ann Arbor or the implications of police violence or what it’s like to be pulled over by the police as a black man or why Simone’ Biles adoptive parents really are her parents, it makes you think.

I hope it makes you think.   And if it makes you think then hopefully you will do something with those thoughts.   

Hopefully you will either support or protest what the writer is saying.

Hopefully you will be more educated the next time someone discusses that topic.

Think of blogs as like a great big coffee shop.    There’s a whole bunch of people sharing their opinions on issues and thoughts and recipes and sports and you can wander around the coffee shop and listen in and take part in conversations.

That’s a good thing.   Or at least it can be.


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