But aren’t they just a Jewelry Shop?

You know, I used to think that was true.   Many others have thought that way, but let me tell you why that’s not true.

There are two organizations that are involved.   The Apparent Project and Papillon Enterprises.   One is a registered 501© 3 charity, the other is a for profit business.

The Apparent Project plays a number of roles in the lives of Haitians:

  • The Apparent Project is one of the largest distributors of jewelry and art made by the artisans who work for Papillon.   I don’t have exact numbers but The Apparent Project helped the artisans in Haiti by being the distributor of close to half of everything they made last year.   That, in turn, enables Pappillon to employ that many more Haitians and allows that many Haitian families to stay together and keep their kids out of orphanages.
  • The Apparent Project helps Papillon by procuring some of the supplies their artisans use to make the art.   Why?   Because that helps them sell more and helps them make more profit out of each sale.   When you are barely eking out a meager living, every dollar helps.   I’m working on some ways you can help with this – stay tuned.
  • The Apparent Project helps the artisans through education – additional training for the employees as well as for their children.   Do the artisans have to pay “retail” for these sorts of educational opportunities?  No, they don’t, but they do have to pay some of it.   The last time I checked, the average cost of sending one child to a public school in Haiti was the equivalent of about 90% of the average wage in Haiti.   Can you imagine making $52,000 a year and paying $40,000 or more to send one of your children to school – and you have four more?   That’s part of where you can come in.   It’s not possible for us to help them with these needs without assistance from outside of Haiti.   We work very hard to make sure that they have responsibility and take responsibility but the costs are just too high without outside support.
  • The Apparent Project provides child care opportunities so that the artisans can come to work knowing that their children are well taken care of.   This provides a greater opportunity for work and greater peace of mind and more well-balanced and well-developed children because they are  children cared for well.

We have other things that we’re working too.   Every one of them has an underlying theme:

We want to help, teach and support Haitians, predominantly Haitian mothers, so that they can provide for their family, care for their children and feel an honest sense of respect and self-worth as they take their place in Haitian society.

Orphanages feed, clothe and care for the children of struggling families.   But they don’t provide for the long-term health of the entire family and allow the children to stay with their families.  That makes a life long difference.

That’s why The Apparent Project is more than just a jewelry shop – actually, we aren’t even a jewelry shop at all.

Stay tuned for more,


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