In the Mood?

In the mood to talk to God?

Shouldn’t we always be in the mood?  Eugene Petersen, in “Seeking God’s Face” says this….

“God who speaks and listens, if I waited to feel in the mood, I fear you wouldn’t hear much from me.  I need prayer to keep me freshly aware that I depend on you for everything and that everything I have is a gift from you.”  (pg. 677)

Think about it.   If I waited until I felt in the mood, you wouldn’t hear from me?   Do we really have the audacity to think that we can solve all of our problems without God?   or do we only go to Him when there is a problem?

Either one isn’t good.

But then take it one step further, actually two steps.

“God help me be freshly aware that I depend on you for everything.”  The worship leaders at our church will quite often say something like, “God woke you up today so you could come gather with fellow believers, with fellow strugglers and be in his presence.”   We need to be freshly aware that we depend on God for everything.   Even waking up to go to church or work or school or frankly the kitchen or the garage or…….

“everything I have is a gift from you.”    How often do we actually live that way?

Yeah, me too.

Everything we have is a gift from God.

My wife spent last week in the hospital with a nasty foot infection.   Every one of those nurses, doctors, staff, medicine, tests and more are a gift from God.

May we all be more aware that we need God for everything and that everything we have (not just material – especially not just material) is a gift from God.

And talk to Him like we mean it. 

Because we do?  

I need to mean it more, I’m sure we all do.


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