New Possibilities

In the last two days, in different ways, different people have spoke to me, most likely without realizing what they were doing.    Now obviously, you’re thinking, you spoke to two people?   So what…..

No, I have 5 kids, I talk to a lot more people than that.  

But two different people, in different ways, spoke the same thing.

What did they say?

“Don’t let your dreams be too small.”  

“Don’t limit God by the size of your dreams.”

Now one of the two people knew that I’m embarking on a new adventure (more coming on that soon) but the other didn’t.

But that got me thinking, especially in middle class America, do we limit God?

I know I have.   Many times.

But I don’t want to any more.

There’s too much riding on what I’m dreaming about to limit God.   There’s too much that God wants for me to limit how He uses me.

Instead, I want to be open to new possibilities, to look at what God’s up to and follow Him.

That’s when we can make the world into His better place.


P.S. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go dream big dreams and see what God’s up to……

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