A Lament for a Storm

God, why?



I mean, I know you control everything.   I know you made everything.

And that’s what makes me so mad.   WHY?

As we speak, many dear people, many of them related to people I know, many of them are living a life that most of us couldn’t live, a life of poverty and struggle.

And now they get this?

A Hurricane that would devastate the first world (aka Florida) is throwing it’s full weight against a nation that even struggles to stand.

Where’s the justice in that, God?  

People who didn’t know where they were going to get food for tomorrow are in the middle of a storm that is washing away their food, their livelihood, their belongings and their home.

God, why?

But, in addition to why, God, answer another question, if you please……


What do you want me to do?

How do we help without hurting?

How do we restore dignity to those who lost or are in the process of losing everything?

God, there’s so much going on right now.   So little of it seems good.

Help us to see You even while we’re mad at You.

Help us to heal and to be the healing hand for those who need You even more than we do.

And stop the rain, Lord.   Please stop the rain.


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