Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is coming.   It is anticipated to hit Haiti either tonight or tomorrow and it’s looking like, according to friends of mine at least, that this is the worst hurricane to hit Haiti since the mid ’90s.14468566_1120307218061588_5550276822818971775_oStorm surges of 6′ to 9′. 

That means that those who live along the water will definitely lose everything.

Anticipated rainfall totals for all of Haiti range from 15″ to 25″ of rain throughout the storm.   That means torrential downpours – and these downpours will run straight down the mountains because there are not enough trees to slow them down.   So we’re looking at mud slides, flooding, washouts.

14572812_10157493218415285_135439539365060229_nGod, why are you allowing this to hit Haiti?   Of all of the islands in the Carribean, this is difficult for anyone, but Haiti is the least able to handle it.

Look at what a typical “house” in Haiti often is……

So what do we do?   Here’s what The Apparent Project is planning at this point……

  • We will send out updates by e-mail and on the blog a minimum of every 12 hours, more often if needed.
  • As soon as we can, we will begin identifying the specific needs that we have because of Hurricane Matthew and communication those needs to you.   Our goal is to provide medical support to anyone who needs it and then to help our staff and artisans resume work as quickly as possible.
  • As needs are met, we’ll communicate that so you can help us take care of what we are concerned will be a very long list.   What sort of things do I anticipate being on the list?
    • Damage to AP property and equipment
    • Medical care for our people. their families and neighbors.
    • Repair to buildings – as in, “Toby” and his wife and four kids are homeless because their house washed away, it’s going to cost _______ for them to rebuild.

What do we need you to do now?

Pray – Pray that God would move the storm west and away from Haiti and spare untold lives and damage in Haiti.  Or better yet, pray that Hurricane Matthew would dry up and go away.

Share – share this page with family, friends, anyone to urge them to help.

Go to and do what you can to help us as we anticipate the needs to be substantial.  Please make a note that it is for hurricane relief.

Thanks for reading.  As I sit here in the comfort of my office in Michigan, I can’t imagine what it would be like to know a storm like that is coming.   Please help us help Haitian families.

Tom Vanderwell
(616) 292-7559

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