A Lament for Tuesday



How did this happen?   I mean seriously, how in the world did this happen?




How did it get to this point?  

We’ve fallen so far that we can’t agree to disagree.   If you don’t believe the same that I do, you’re evil, you aren’t worth the digital time it takes to “talk” to you and you’re going to hell.


We’ve polluted social media so much that it’s no longer social.   Now it’s more like sociopathic.

Whatever happened to “Do Justice, Love Mercy and walk humbly with our God?” 

We’ve turned it to “believe what I do or else……”

We’ve got these two as presidential candidates (and I use the word loosely) but  then a Christian author steps slightly out of the bounds that most Christians might see as the “boundary” and the attacks on her are vicious.

Why can’t we say, “I don’t agree with her on that, but I agree with a lot of what she says and I agree we should show more love to everyone.”

To quote famous author, Bob Goff,  “Love Does.”

There ain’t been much doing that lately.   Why God?

We’ve got people getting on life boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea to try to get to freedom (think about that a minute – they are willing to risk death to avoid the life (or death) they were facing at home).   And we have politicians refusing to welcome refugees?

How did we fall this far?

We have people literally starving to death and living on what is left of the streets in southern  Haiti – only a couple of hours from Miami – and the government says it won’t be able to get to some of them until the end of November.   Oh and the last estimates, over 800,000 people are “at risk” in Haiti.

The Hurricane was October 4.   God, where’s the justice in that?

Are you trying to teach us something?   Because if you are, we don’t seem to be listening.

Oh yeah and then there’s those two places, Aleppo and Mosul…..

God, what’s going on?

God, don’t forget the girls in Nigeria – many of the girls that Boko Haram kidnapped are still missing – two years later.

We know you’re the ultimate ruler but still, we wrestle.

We cry out.   Why, Oh Lord, Why?

Why do certain groups of people have justifiable reason to be afraid if a certain candidate gets elected?

What happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free?”

And what are we supposed to do?

What are we supposed to do on Tuesday?

What are we supposed to do on Wednesday?

To quote the father of the demon possessed boy in Mark 9,   “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

Help us believe that you have a plan.

Help calm our spirits in turbulent times.

Help calm the actions and reactions of volatile people.

Heal the wounds and help us to be a source of comfort for the homeless, the hurting and the refugee,

We don’t get it, God.

But we do get You.

Thank you for allowing us to have you, even in these times.



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