Change of Plans

​Originally, as I had written previously on here, I was planning on writing a book this month.   It would be a book written by an older adoptive dad (me – my kids have been part of our family for over a dozenyears) to a younger adoptive dad – one who is either thinking about adopting, in the process or has their adopted child(ren) home for a shorter time.   Kind of a “Dear Younger Me” type of book.

I am on Chapter 7, but I have decided to pause the writing of that book and write it at the time when I can give it the attention it deserves.   Why?   A couple of reasons:

1. Hurricane Matthew – as the scope of the disaster in Haitit becomes larger and larger, my heart breaks for the people I know and the people I don’t in that country, the country where two of my children were born.   I want to have the time to do some encouraging, some praying, some writing to help those who are suffering there.   

2. The U.S. Election – Prior to the election, while I had many conversations with people about politics, I made a concious effort to stay away from politics on the blog.   The results of the election and the reactions to it and the actions of many since then have given me the conviction that our country is seriously hurting right now and that now is not the time to be silent on these issues.   In good conscience, I didn’t feel that I could support either major party candidate, but I know many people who I feel are good people but chose positions that I question.   The issues, why the choices were made, where is the church’s role in all of this and why now is not the time to be silent, these are all issues that I want and feel I need to write about, explore and wrestle with.    There is too much at stake.   

So, the book about adoption is being put on hold and I want to do more to help people remember the suffering in Haiti and to wrestle with the issues that appear to be shaking our country to it’s core.

I hope you’ll continue to join me and that you’ll add your input in a tasteful, thoughtful and organized manner.



P.S. I will also be writing about AID, Development, Adoption, Trauma and how to help families in Haiti avoid putting their kids in orphanages over at 


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