Why? Another book on Adoption?

I wrestled with that question for a long time.   Years to be exact.  

So why did I decide to write it?   A couple of reasons:

  • Most, if not almost all, of the books that I’ve seen and read are either written by professionals – therapists, social workers, psychiatrists or by moms.   That doesn’t make them good or bad, it just makes them from a different point of view.
  • Many of the books that are written are from what I call “super families.”   You know the type – they have adopted 15 kids from foster care.   Or they have 5 biological kids and adopted a sibling group from somewhere with 6 more.   Those families are amazing.   But they aren’t real.   There are very few people who can do that.   It’s sort of like a high school classmate of mine.   He was in the Air Force, now he flies big planes for one of the big airlines.   What does he do for a hobby?   He runs IronMan Triathlons.  He’s nuts but there aren’t very many people who can do that.

I decided to write the book because I believe there are dads (and uncles and grandpas) who need to know more about what raising kids is like and I hope to share that with them from the standpoint of an ordinary dad.  

It’s a voice that isn’t being heard.   It’s a voice I wish I had heard 10 to 14 years ago.

So I’m going to be that voice.

Stay tuned,


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