Adoption and Human Trafficking–A Series of Thoughts…..

As many of you know, in addition to writing here on my own personal page, I also write for The Apparent Project.   That writing can be seen at The Apparent Project.

I just started a new and probably rather lengthy series of blog posts that I’m going to do addressing what I see as the obstacles and challenges of both adoption (particularly international) and also human trafficking.   The articles are going to not only point fingers at what isn’t working well but will also have ideas (both systemic and individual) that can be done to improve things for children and families.

The basis for the discussions are two articles that were written about international adoption and human trafficking – particularly human trafficking, child trafficking, in Haiti.

If you want to read the articles, you can find them at

Some of it will be written here, most of it will be written on the Apparent Project website.

I hope you read, join the conversation and share it with others also.

Thanks for caring.

Tom V

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