Trauma – It’s Not Just on the Battlefield….. – Apparent Project

We’ll talk more over time about trauma, but I hope this illustrates something for you.Out of the 10 possible components of trauma that I listed, the work that The Apparent Project is doing has a positive impact on 7 of them.So there’s a 70% chance that we can reduce or eliminate trauma through our work.Will you join us?   Will you help us give Haitian families a better opportunity for a good life?

Source: Trauma – It’s Not Just on the Battlefield….. – Apparent Project

How to AID without AIDing – Apparent Project

For three days, someone is able to stop at the market on the way home from work and buy food to feed their family.For three days, someone is able to set aside some money to send to their family in Jeremie who are trying to rebuild from the Hurricane.For three days, someone at the market is going to go home with a little bit more in their pocket – maybe enough to feed their children.For three days, two families have children who will get something to eat that day.

Source: How to AID without AIDing – Apparent Project

1994 – And That’s The Way It Was….. – Apparent Project

Not that they felt safer because all of the US military were there.   No, because the US military hired people all around them to do all sorts of things – cook, clean, wash trucks, sweep driveways and many other things.   Suddenly, unemployment in that relatively small area dropped from over half to zero.   That’s right, anyone in that area that wanted a job could get a job.And then what happened?  As unemployment dropped……Crime dropped to almost zero.Sickness, especially due to water-borne diseases dropped.Attendance in school increased.Everyone got along much betterAnd the list could go on and on.

Source: 1994 – And That’s The Way It Was….. – Apparent Project

Something New…….

First, if you are reading this, thank you.   It means a lot to know that someone cares to take the time.

Secondly, for about 3 months, I’ve been doing a good bit of my writing about adoption, orphans, vulnerable children, family preservation at The Apparent Project’s website.    You can read the posts there at

I’m going to start, when I post something over there, posting an excerpt of it here and a link back so that you can read and decide if you want to read more.

I hope you will. 


Tom V

Adoption and Human Trafficking–A Series of Thoughts…..

As many of you know, in addition to writing here on my own personal page, I also write for The Apparent Project.   That writing can be seen at The Apparent Project.

I just started a new and probably rather lengthy series of blog posts that I’m going to do addressing what I see as the obstacles and challenges of both adoption (particularly international) and also human trafficking.   The articles are going to not only point fingers at what isn’t working well but will also have ideas (both systemic and individual) that can be done to improve things for children and families.

The basis for the discussions are two articles that were written about international adoption and human trafficking – particularly human trafficking, child trafficking, in Haiti.

If you want to read the articles, you can find them at

Some of it will be written here, most of it will be written on the Apparent Project website.

I hope you read, join the conversation and share it with others also.

Thanks for caring.

Tom V