What Time?

So, what time is it?   We are a society that is bound by time.   We have so many different ways to keep track of time and we have so many things that we try to squeeze into a day. 

Ask someone how they are and 9 out of 10 times, you’ll get the comment,  “Busy!”   It’s perceived to be good to be too busy.

But look at Luke 1:20 – The Angel Gabriel is talking to Zachariah in the temple and is telling him that he (an old man) and his wife (Elizabeth – an old lady) are going to have a baby – John the Baptist.  Zachariah basically says, “Uh, Gabriel, I hate to break it to you, but we’re too old to have a baby.”

Gabriel tells him – “Every word I’ve spoken to you will come true on time – God’s Time.”

Think about that.   Every word I’ve spoken to you will come true on time – God’s Time.

Every word – if God promises it, it will come true.

It will come true on time.  On God’s time.

Pastor Reggie Smith preached at our church a week and a half ago and one of the things that he said that stuck with me was that when we pray, a delay is not a denial.   Just because healing happens in Heaven not here on earth doesn’t mean that God refused to grant healing.  He just granted it more completely in Heaven than on earth.

Zachariah took his time in believing that what God said was true.   But he believed.   And it did come true.

May we look for God’s timing and believe that God will do what He says – on His Time, which might not be our time.


So What? – Apparent Project

But there are many children who are “caught up” in the orphan crisis who don’t need to be. And there are many families ripped apart by poverty, injustice and as we’ll see more later, trafficking that could be kept whole and given the support to grow and heal and remain together. For that to happen, we need to acknowledge three things: Not all children in orphanages are orphans.  Many parents bring their children to an orphanage ONLY because they can’t see a way for them to provide for their children.  Help the parents overcome the obstacles and families will flourish.   Ignore the families and the cycle will continue.

Source: So What? – Apparent Project