There is a Better Way

I remember, back when I started working for the orphanage we adopted our children from, having a conversation with a friend about orphanages.   At that point, I contended that a “good” and “well run” orphanage was a good way to care for vulnerable children.

She, my friend, was adamant that there wasn’t such a thing.   That by virtue of the model of care, the way that children are impacted and the lives that are damaged, she said there wasn’t such a thing as a good orphanage or a well run orphanage.   We agreed, at that point, to disagree but respect each other and have remained friends.

A number of years later, I have to admit that I no longer disagree with her.   She was right.

Please take the time to watch Tara Winkler as she explains very eloquently her journey from a tourist to a voluntourist to an orphanage director to the director of an organization that has found a “better way.”

The Apparent Project, who I have the privilege of working with, has found a better way.

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