How Did They Know?

A good friend of mine said something a number of years ago that still sticks in my memory. She was talking about Pastor Dave, the Senior Pastor at Madison Square Church. At that point, we were not members there, we are now.

She said to me, “He kind of freaks me out! But in a very good way. Every week, we show up at church and he has a worship and sermon that speak to my soul and speak to what we’ve been wrestling with as a family. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he has a bug planted under the back seat of our mini-van.”

Now you and I know that he doesn’t but when God uses someone to speak that clearly to you, it can almost feel that way.

As many of you know, our family is going through some really rough times. My Dad is fighting pancreatic cancer and next week will go in for his 5th chemo treatment. This is the fourth major bout with cancer that he has had and undeniably his hardest prognosis. In addition, my mom fell and broke a number of ribs in a number of places (think at least 8 fractures) that has resulted in 3 stays in the hospital in the last almost 4 weeks. (Update – 4th stay in the hospital started last night)

Tough doesn’t begin to describe it.

But Thursday night, I was graciously gifted the opportunity to attend the Casting Crowns/Danny Gokey/Unspoken concert with my middle child (thank you Emily!). It was a pleasure because she’s an awesome person and good to spend time with her.

But the night was more than that. I left the arena feeling like God used Mark Hall, Danny Gokey and the rest of them to speak to me.

I know it wasn’t just me, but I felt that way. Truly a blessing.

As we wrestle with the issues with my folks and more, I’m going to be doing a good bit of writing. Writing that shares some off the principles of what they talked and sang about. Writing that explores some of the ways we can see God. Some of the ways that God can use difficult times.

I hope you’ll join me for the trip……

I don’t know how long it will take – but this is “The Very Next Thing.”


Tom V

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