An Airport at Night

I landed in Miami at 11:20 Wednesday night. About a half hour behind schedule but given as my next flight isn’t until Thursday morning, it wasn’t a big deal.

Apparently, there was a big storm that we needed to travel around. That was the reason for the delay.

And I’m okay with that delay. As it was, we had enough turbulence that the captain wouldn’t let the flight attendants serve free soft drinks and I couldn’t type to write anything because I was bouncing around too much. I know, we had it rough……

We land in Miami and obviously it’s dark, but other than that, it didn’t look that much different. But you get inside and that’s where you see the difference……

Stores are closed. Others are closing.

“Sorry, no bed time snack for you.”

Chairs are empty, except for here and there. People are trying to settle in. Obviously they are planning on spending the night in the airport terminal.

Other people are trying to get out as quickly as possible. They are going home, going to a family members or going to attempt to get some sleep in a hotel.

Sleeping in the airport – it could be better, it could be worse……

Fortunately I have a bed waiting for me. 7 hours of sleep and then on to the next leg of the journey.


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