The plane takes off from the airport. It’s the first leg of three to get to Port Au Prince. Prior to takeoff, the pilot tells us we will be flying at approximately 18,000 feet during the short trip from here to Chicago.

That’s about 3 1/2 miles.

As we go higher, I notice something. Everything is fuzzy.

It’s haze. You can see the ground, but it’s not clear.

You can see the shoreline – but only for a short distance.

If you try to look “over there” you can’t see anything.

As I am on my way to Haiti to tell the stories and help families there, I think haze is a pretty good description of the work that needs to be done.

We can see the need. But it is hard to see it clearly.

We know we can help. But what is best and how?

There is a lot of haze. In the haze, different people see different things.

But the story doesn’t change.

People are struggling.

We can help.

And so we must look through the haze, peer through the haze and see where God tells us to help.

Please pray that He does that for you, for me and for everyone gifted with the ability and means to help.

More to come…….


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