I don’t know the statistics, but I just spent an hour and a half in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and I saw LOTS of people. I mean lots of people. As in, it was overwhelming how many people there were.

Lots of people all busy going somewhere.

Many were obviously business people – dressed up and talking on their phone the whole time.

Many were families – visiting family, going to see family, going home from seeing family.

And there were the tourists. The college age kids – all in line in front of me and talking a different language – I don’t think it was Spanish.

All different colors and styles of clothes. All different colors and sizes of people.

And that got me thinking. Every single one of them, every single one of us is where we are for a reason.

Whether we are traveling to do business.

Or traveling for pleasure.

Or some combination of them.

But then I ask myself, “Self, if God has put us all here for a reason, then why did He put some of His people in places like Haiti and Iraq and Syria?”

Why did we end up in the “first world” with all that being in places like “this” mean? I mean, let’s be honest, virtually all of the people who live in places like Canada, the United States, England……. And the list could go on, virtually all of them are better from a materialistic and from a peace standpoint.

Why are the struggles that we face not nearly as life threatening? Now don’t get me wrong, life is not always, actually hardly ever, a cake walk in the United States – but we have a LOT that many in other parts of the world don’t have.

WHY are we here?

Why are we HERE?

Why are WE here?

Why aren’t we THERE?

And what does that mean for us, especially now, in this age of immediate technology, when we know that over THERE are people who don’t have as much as we do – even to the point of not being able to survive?

What do we do now that we know that?

We’ll be exploring that a lot more this trip…….

And beyond.


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