Landing in Port Au Prince

I want to apologize for the delay in turning more of my notes about my trip into blog posts. Let’s just say that upon return, life got in the way a bit…….

So, where I left you last was on an airplane beginning the descent into Port Au Prince. A couple of things that struck me, as they often do when landing in Port Au Prince……
– The contrast – the contrast between the mountains and the flat dry plains
– The contrast – the contrast between the beautiful ocean water and the “stuff” that gets washed out into the ocean from the rivers and streams.
– The contrast – between the new buildings that have replaced earthquake damaged structures and the tin huts that are crammed so close together that they are literally almost on top of each other.
– The contrast between decay and progress.

I could go on and on, but let’s just say that Haiti is a study in contrasts.

Many contrasts – and unfortunately it doesn’t make being in Haiti any easier.


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