UN official says Haiti peacekeeping a mission accomplished – ABC News


So, a couple of questions to think about…..

If the Haiti peacekeeping mission made 800,000 people sick and killed almost 10,000, would you consider that a success?

The UN official says that the goal is to have public electricity 24 hours a day within 24 months. My personal experience and what my friends in Haiti have told me, that is probably a very long ways from being accomplished. I would have to say that anecdotally, consistent public electricity doesn’t happen more than 20% of the time.

The US government is currently pushing towards revoking the TPS status of over 55,000 Haitians who are in the United States because they say that Haiti has recovered from the earthquake.

If you read the headlines, this might make it sound like that is true.

If you read between the lines and compare what the officials say to the facts, it raises questions about whether that’s really true.


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