A Week

A US Flag hanging over the ramp on the local high way – with a swastika painted on it.

A children’s playground, a place where innocent children are supposed to enjoy their time, their friends and the outdoors. “Mom, why is there a noose hanging on the swing?”

A claim by the President and many others that we are altering or attempting to alter history by removing confederate statues.

When were the majority of Confederate statues erected?

The 1920’s – also known as the Jim Crow era. Not really to celebrate the people who led many to die to defend slavery. No, these statues were put up to remind people, especially people of color, that Jim Crow didn’t matter, they were still black and the white were still supreme.

From 1950-1965 – the Civil Rights era – once again, the people of color were making headway on gaining civil rights and getting closer to equality. So the white supremacists put the statues up as a reminder.

That’s a down south problem – in 1925, Grand Rapids Michigan had a 3,000 member KKK parade through the minority neighborhoods. No one said a thing, no one protested.

From the newsletter of a church not too far from me (not mine!):

“Pray that we learn violence is not permitted.”

Excuse me, but in a paragraph about Charlottesville, the first thing they ask is to pray that we learn that violence is not permitted?

How about we pray that all of God’s people get treated equally?

How about we pray that all people who claim to be Christians really show God’s love to everyone?

How about acknowledging that there are times when God’s people are called to defend His other people but that we hope violence isn’t necessary?

And it gets worse……

“That the media find ways to help us face this problem, rather than just find ways to attack our president. ”

Pray that the media helps us face the problem of racism? Well, that would be a really good thing, but when has the media ever helped improve anything? We could have a very long debate on the role of the media but helping us face the problem of racism, I think that’s not very high on the main stream media’s list of things to do……..

“Rather than just find ways to attack our president?”

You know, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but if you ask me, if someone goes on TV and says that there were “Nice People” on both sides and one side was openly using Nazi symbols and Nazi chants and such, well, they are wrong.

It’s not possible to be nice people and be Nazis. The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of millions and millions of Jews and many others. They are not nice people.

And the media should not try to protect someone who thinks they are nice people.

There is too much at risk to stand by quietly. I read an article and if I can find it, I will repost it here, but it made a point that there are three “kinds” of people when it comes to racism:
1. There are racists – see Charlottesville for examples.
2. There are anti-racists – read “Letter’s from a Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
3. There are non-racists – those are people who don’t say anything about racism and don’t do anything about racism.

The author’s point is essentially this – if you don’t do or say anything to make a difference in combating racism, then you are a racist and being quiet as a racist is almost as bad as marching with the Nazis and the skinheads.

I have no intention of having anyone question what side I’m on. God made all of His people different and they are ALL different but they are ALL His People.


More later…….


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