Stick to Sports?

I’m sharing this from my nephew, Adam Vanderwell, without his permission. I know he won’t mind……

Incredible to hear the work being done in relief of Hurricane Harvey by the likes of J.J Watt (Raised $20 million), Tracy McGrady (who opened his own home to those displaced) and the many other professional athletes using their platform and resources combat the suffering in Texas. But what about the whole “Stick to sports” narrative? If we really wanted athletes to just “stick to sports”, which is absurd and silencing to begin with, then what would we have to say something about the work being done to relieve those afflicted by Hurricane Harvey? Now I realize I am being ridiculous, of course no right minded individual would have any issue with an athlete using their platform and resources to address human suffering as a result of Harvey. But the question I then have is when it comes to other forms of humn sufffering ,certain social issues “police brutality, racism etc.”, why do we demand athletes stick to sports? Why can they not combat these instances of human suffering using their platform and resources? It would seem this narrative has far more to do with resentment towards certain issues being addressed, rather than an actual desire to see athletes stick to sports.

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