Chess or Checkers?

This morning, in church, our pastor said something in the sermon that really hit home with me. We’re just starting a series on King David – “A Mess After God’s Own Heart.”

While talking about God’s transition from the King the people of Israel wanted (Saul) to the King that God wanted (David), Pastor Darrell said, “God doesn’t play checkers, he plays chess – think about it…….”

I have been……

Checkers is a game that usually takes minutes not hours.
Chess is a game that takes hours, days or even longer.

Checkers is a game requires minimal skills and intelligence.
Chess is a game that requires significant intelligence if you are going to play it well.

Checkers is a game that rarely requires seeing more than one or two steps in advance.
Chess is a game that requires seeing far into the future and planning not just the next move or two, but the next dozen moves and anticipating your opponent’s move far into the future.

Checkers can have multiple kings and everyone else is exactly the same.
Chess has only one leader, only one King and it celebrates and coordinates the differences between the players.

So, what do we have? We have God playing a “game” that requires patience, takes a long time, requires seeing into the future and planning many steps, celebrates and protects one leader and one King.

Yeah, I’d say God plays chess. What do you think?

Tom V

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