Uh, hey God? I’ve been “sitting here” for a long time. When are you going to do something?

Uh, hey God? I’ve prayed that my brother would accept you as Lord again – but it’s been over 30 years (praise the Lord, this one has been answered – I believe it took 35!)

Hey God, why do you keep slamming doors in my face? I’m getting a sore nose.

Hey God, do you think this is fun? I don’t like waiting.

Hey God, I thought you wanted me to _________ but why are you not giving me the opportunity?

What was that, God? What did you say?

Moses? How long did he work in the desert before You used him?

Uh……. I think it was 40 years.

Noah? How long did it take to build the boat? And how far away from water were they?

Uh…..I think 10 years and far enough away that his neighbors thought he was Stoopid!

David? How long between when Samuel anointed him and he became King?

Uh……. A couple of decades?

Simeon and Anna? How long did they wait for Jesus?

Sigh, okay God. I get it.

It’s not my plans.

It’s not my timeline.

For some reason, you aren’t showing me the whole plan.

What? Do I TRUST you?

Of course I do!

Oh, yeah, you’re right, of course you’re right.

My impatience isn’t acting like I trust you.

My intolerance isn’t acting like I trust you.

My personal ambition isn’t acting like I trust you.

God, help me to live my life and treat others like I know I should. Help me to realize and to show that I am not in control. You are. Amen

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