“It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor……..” Part of Micah 6:8

Oh that’s easy. If my neighbor has a baby, bring them cookies.

If their car breaks down, offer them a ride.

If they need help, offer to help shovel their driveway.

But wait a minute. That’s not all is it?

Nope. Those are only the neighbors right next door. And the easy things……

What about the homeless man on the corner on your way to work?

Or the friend who runs a care center for single teenage moms?

Or the former golfing buddy who is now in the US House of Representatives?

How do you do what is fair and just for them?

And then there are the neighbors who aren’t so close. But they are still neighbors……
• The victims of the Harvey, Irma and Maria.
• The victims of the earthquake in Mexico.
• The little girl growing up next to your friends in Haiti who is suffering from malnutrition.
• The children in the United States who fear being deported to a country they have never lived in.
• The families who are risking death to take a boat across the Mediterrean Sea because they are willing to risk a significant chance of death on the sea rather than a guaranteed death at the hands of terrorists.

How do you do what is fair and just for them?

And there’s one more important type of neighbor we can’t forget. The neighbors who don’t look like us.

They have brown or black skin and we don’t.

They might or might not speak English as well as we do.

Their favorite food might be different than ours.

And that’s just a small list of the variations that we could see.

They are our neighbors too.

So then ask yourself:
• Would Jesus want you to build a huge wall between us and their home country?
• Would Jesus want you to send 59,000 of them back to Haiti based on one person’s 3 hour visit that says, “Haiti is good, send them back?”
• Would Jesus want you to send……

I think you get the picture. There are a lot of ways that God can call us to be fair and just to our neighbors. And it really isn’t simple.

So what do you do? Stay tuned……

Tom V

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