On Being Uncomfortable

I had a conversation with a young man the other day and the topic turned to going on mission trips – particularly overseas trips to places where it is totally different than where we are.

Me: “I would encourage you to take some time and talk to your parents, talk to God, talk to others about whether you should do a mission trip like that.”

Him: “I’m just not the right type.”

Me: “What do you mean by that? Who is the right type?”

Him: “Someone who likes to travel. Someone who speaks a couple of languages. Someone who is a doctor or a construction worker or something like that.”

Him: “I would feel uncomfortable.”

Me: “Now we’re talking……”

Him: “Huh?”

Me: “Let me tell you a couple of things: 1) Every time I have gone on a mission trip, especially one to a country other than the United States, I have been nervous or uncomfortable. Sometimes the nervousness goes away soon, sometimes it doesn’t go away until I land back in the United States. 2) What have I been nervous about? Well, in random order, language, water, language, heat, water, sweat, driving up the mountains in the back of a pick up with no seat belts and a huge drop off on the edge of the road, being able to do the right work without insulting the locals, strange food, oh and did I mention water?. “These are some of my favorite things…….”

But do you want to know what my favorite thing to be uncomfortable about is?”

Him: “Yeah.”

Me: “My favorite thing to be uncomfortable about when I go on a mission trip is that I will miss God. I know He is there. I want to go there, see Him, hear Him and a part of what He is doing.”

“The thought of missing the chance to see God at work makes me uncomfortable.”


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