27,000 Citizens of the United States

Before I get into the topic in the title, let me explain why the blog has been quiet for the last month. I’m helping out a local school that has one of it’s most well liked teachers at least temporarily hit hard by the Big C – cancer. So between lesson plans and more, I haven’t had time to share my thoughts as I like to.

But I have to. So, let me ask you a question, if you were walking down the street and a reporter put a mic in front of you and asked you,

“Should the government pass an immigration law that would potentially require 27,000 children who are US citizens to either be separated from their parents or require them to move to a country they have never been in and one where it is doubtful whether their parents will be able to support them?”

What would you say?

That’s not the way the media portrays it. That’s not the way the US government portrays it.

“We’ve checked it out and Haiti is SIGNIFICANTLY better than it was and it can welcome home those who were in the US on TPS.”

I was in Haiti about a year after the earthquake (February of 2011). I was also in Haiti in May of 2017. Are things better? Yes.

But in no way that you could look at it, could you say that Haiti is doing well enough.


But the US government says, “Oh, we took a 4 hour trip to Haiti and it’s doing well enough.”

Remember that thing I said earlier? Are things better? Yes. If you only look at 5% of the country, then, well, you could…….

Can you imagine being a Haitian parent of US citizens and know that you are stuck in this hard place?

Do you take your US citizen children to Haiti with you – and hope they survive?

Or do you………

Does anyone want to set up a temporary foster care system for US children of Haitian descent?

And does anyone find it a bit awkward that the President was on national TV pardoning two turkey just hours after he signed documents throwing so many lives into turmoil?

We can’t sit back and do nothing while this unfolds.

But what can we do? What would you do if it was you?

27,000 children

59,000 adults

One stroke of the pen.

May God have mercy on them and may He move us to not be silent while this unfolds.


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