Do Less and Be More

So, today at church, Mary and Martha taught us a lesson.

And their brother Lazarus wasn’t even involved.

At the end of Luke 10, there’s a short story with a big impact.

Jesus stops by and visits Mary and Martha. Well, what would you do if God stopped by and visited?

Martha was flying around trying to get everything done. Frazzled, over worked and exhausted. You know how that happens right?

Oh wait? My house is the only one that happens at? Yeah, right.

What was her sister doing? Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to him and soaking in his wisdom.

That’s right, Martha was flying around getting everything ready and Mary was sitting and listening to Jesus. And Martha got ticked off.

Ticked off at Mary enough that she went to Jesus, in front of everyone, and said, “Master, would you do something about this sister of mine? She’s just sitting here while I’m cleaning, cooking and doing laundry and everything! Argh! I can’t stand it, I want to be sitting here talking to you but someone has to put dinner in the oven!”

How did Jesus respond?

Did he side with Martha and scold Mary and tell her to get busy?

Or did he basically say, “chill, Martha, it’s okay. Mary is focusing on what’s really important?”

Yep, that’s right. Jesus didn’t tell Mary to go help Martha, instead he urged Martha to spend more time like Mary – focusing on the one thing that really matters.

And what is that one thing?

Do less and be more.

Don’t be so busy doing things for God that you don’t have time to be with God.

Don’t be so busy with “churchy” things that you miss out on the opportunity to hear and be with Jesus.

Now that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want us to show our gratitude to Him for all he has done for us. He still expects us to live a life that is a healthy blend of faith (an overarching believe that Jesus died for us) and works (showing gratitude through the way we live.)

But He’s saying, rather loudly, that we need to make sure we have the appropriate balance – the balance between doing good things for God and His Kingdom and spending time with Him.

I don’t know about you but I think too many of us (including me) spend too much time being busy and not enough time just being with God.

May we all learn from Mary and Martha this Christmas time and going forward…….


P.S. Thank you for bringing it home and making it real, Pastor Darrell

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