“I’ll pray for that.”

I had someone tell me that today.

At first I thought it a little odd, but the more I think about it, the more I like the phrase.

“I’ll pray for that.” (I won’t try to understand that I know what God’s got planned.)

“I’ll pray for that.” (I won’t try to understand that I know how to solve your struggles – but I will bring them to God on your behalf.)

“I’ll pray for that.” (I don’t have the answers. But I have a God who does have the answers.)

“I’ll pray for that.” (I haven’t walked in your shoes, but my God knows what you need way better than I do.)

“I’ll pray for that.” (And I will be the kind of friend who stays with you as you walk through the struggles.)

One of the many things I appreciate about our church (Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids) is that they have a practice of not saying, “I’ll pray for you.”

And then going on their way.

They actually stop, right then, right there and pray.

It doesn’t matter whether they are standing in a parking lot, the lobby at church, wherever.

There is a need, they stop and pray.

We don’t have the answers. In many ways, when we pray for specific answers without acknowledging God’s plans are bigger than ours, we’re being quite presumptuous.

So, may we all pray for more of “that.”

And then be prepared to watch what God’s up to.

Because it’s God’s “that” not ours.


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