What to Think, what to think……?


Facebook is literally covered with good well founded Easter celebration posts.

Much to be thankful for….

Jesus has died and rose from the dead and saved us eternally. 

Much to be thankful for……

But as I sit in church this morning,  I hear the pain.

The desire for wholeness.

The end to illness and racism and discrimination and poverty.

I sit in church a few rows up from a friend who is “celebrating” her first Easter as a widow and she’s younger than I am.

I walked out of church with my ears rining and my head pounding like I had been to a rock concert (and I hadn’t) – because of medical issues that aren’t resolving as quickly as we’d like – and I only heard of half of the music beccause some of the side effects aren’t going away – yet.

We go to Easter dinner at my Mom’s – 9 days after my Dad left this world and went to join Jesus in Heaven.

We talk about the blessings that my Dad was and the fact that he’s not here to enjoy Easter with us.   He’s enjoying Easter in a much better place.

Easter – it tells the end of the story.

But we’re not at the end yet. 

We know the final outcome.

But we struggle with the sadness and pain and loneliness in this world.

What to think?  How to deal with the struggles?

It’s hard to trust with all of the pain – but as we were told in church this morning, the truth is incontrovertible – ask C.S. Lewis or Lee Strobel – the resurrection is real.

And so, all of this pain and suffering and loneliness will come to an end.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come Quickly,


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