The Devil Isn’t Happy Tonight……

See, there’s this “kid” (yeah, I’m old enough to call someone in their 20’s a kid). He’s a preacher’s kid and a preacher’s grandkid.

He’s grown up “in the church” but his preacher dad wasn’t a stereotypical preacher. He planted a church – out west in this state called California. This kid grew up with a passion for others – a caring about those who are “the least of these.” While in college, this kid spent time living and working in places where he was in the minority. His passion for those who are in the minority has always been very evident.

While this kid was in college, he met a girl. Not just any girl, but a girl who shared his desire to make the world a better place. Not the easy life, not the simple life, but the life that God wants her to live.

Boy meets girl, before long, boy realized girl was someone special. Girl realized boy was someone special too. You know how those stories play out. This one did too.

Today, boy and girl went to church. In front of family and friends, they listened to a minister (who happened to be boy’s dad). Dad talked about what a special day this was because it was the blending of two stories. His story and her story became their story.

But it wasn’t really their story. It was God’s story. It is God’s story. It’s not a story about them, it’s a story where they play a role but God writes it.

The entire time at church revolved around that theme – that this wasn’t his story and her story, this is about what God’s up to in their lives. And as evidence that it’s God’s story, the time at church ended with a time of worship. No special music, a time spent worshipping God and reminding us all that God’s got this. All of this.

Tonight, Adam and Maddie said, “God, we’re going to join our stories and make them part of your story. God, we know that together, you can use us as part of your story.”

The devil isn’t happy tonight. Because there’s a team on God’s side. A team that together will do more to advance God’s story.

And that makes the devil a bit grumpy, don’t you think?

Adam and Maddie, thank you for blessing all of us with a time of worship and a focus that reminded all of us that God’s bigger than us but He’s also calling us all to be part of his story.

Uncle Tom is happy for you both and Maddie – welcome to the family.


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