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I put that as part of the “tag line” of the blog…..

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What Matters to Me

So, what matters to me? You’ll find out more as we go along, but I want to share a few things that will frame a lot of what I do on here.

My faith – I’ll tell you more about how that has grown and changed over the last 16 years, but you need to know this. I have always believed that Jesus Christ has died for my sins and that because of Him, when my time here on this earth is done, I know where I’m going.

It doesn’t get more basic than that. It’s the foundation that everything else is built on. What I do, what I say, how I do it, all of it is based on that core basic belief. That reminds me of the story of the Mennonite church….. (I’ll put that on the list to tell you later).

There, it’s on the list. So, when I think about my faith, I think about a question that a lot of people have asked, though very few times has anyone actually asked me this question.

So what?

You believe that Jesus died for your sins. So what?

Well, obviously, it makes a difference in terms of what happens after you are no longer here on this world. I mean, honestly, there are really three choices of what happens when you die. When you are no longer on this earth, either you are no longer, period, or you go to heaven or you go to hell. They might be called different names by different belief systems, but let’s be honest, that’s pretty much the basics.

Now I can already hear you saying, “Wait a minute, are you saying that a Muslim can go to heaven while believing in Allah?” That is not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that when you break it down to the basics, each and every religion has their own “places” that they believe you go when you die. For the record, I believe that where Muslims and the religion of Islam says you will go when you die is not the same as Christians and that devout Muslims who deny Jesus as their Savior will not end up in Heaven.

Are we clear on that? Okay, good.

Let’s move back to the question of “so what?” And instead of talking about it in terms of after you leave this world, let’s talk about what this means here and now.

Today – while you’re at work.

Today – when your child comes home from school with a note from the teacher that they are in trouble. Again.

Today – when you watch the news and there’s another report of violence against people of color who are in the custody of the police.

Today – when reports of violence against Syrian refugees are in the paper.

Today – when someone you know posts something on social media that is very deragotry towards people who weren’t born in this country.

What does your belief mean to today?

What does my beliefs mean for me today?

That’s a good part of what I plan on exploring.

Not just in vague generalities.

Or in nice platitudes…..

The time for nice platitudes is gone.

Oh wait, was there a time for those?

I hope you’ll join me.


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