E>C + M (Part 1)

In my previous work on behalf of children in Haiti, one of the things I learned was that E is definitely greater than C & M.

But it’s a LOT easier to solve for C & M than it is to uncover E.


C = Confusion

M = Misunderstanding

E = Evil

There is definitely more evil at work attempting to hurt and destroy. Abuse, trafficking, corruption, government malfeasance (a $64 word for – bad stuff), illness, poverty, greed, let alone things like kidnapping, robbery, murder – it’s a long list of things that are really evil in this world. I’ll be talking more about this and spiritual warfare going forward.

Oh, and then there are places like Haiti where, in addition to all of those, there’s also this thing called voodoo. All I’m going to say about that is the stories that some of my friends in Haiti have told me, well, they make the TV show “Criminal Minds” seem tame.

But it’s easier to solve for Confusion and Misunderstanding than evil. How’s that?

Let me quote Donald Rumsfeld when he was the Secretary of Defense during the first Persian Gulf War (yeah, I’m old enough to remember that). He said, “There are known knowns. There are known unknowns. There unknown unknowns.” He said these in terms of the military action against Iraq. In the fight against evil.

There are things we know we know. If there isn’t confusion and misunderstanding, then it’s a lot more straightforward in terms of fighting evil. If we know that something or someone is evil, it is easier to fight against them.

There are things we know we don’t know. There is confusion and misunderstanding – and we know there is. We don’t know what we’re dealing with – even though we know that it is evil. Before we can truly fight against that evil, we need to remove the confusion and the misunderstanding so that we can truly understand the evil.

And then there are the things we don’t know that we don’t know. Those things that you don’t realize have an underlying problem. But then, as you learn more, you realize that something that appeared to be neutral or even good for some ended up having really bad outcomes for other people. Outcomes that, if the person who originally made the decision knew it, they might have done differently.

What’s an example of that? A former US administration thought they were doing a really good thing for US farmers and implemented a series of tariffs and subsidies on rice that made US rice much more attractive. It was actually so attractively priced that the US farmers could export that rice and sell it in Haiti.

What’s wrong with that? The US government subsidized US rice so substantially that US farmers sold it in Haiti – for substantially below market rates and below what Haitian rice farmers could afford to sell rice. Suddenly, the Haitian farmers had no one who wanted to buy their rice – because they could pay less to buy the US rice.

An entire industry in Haiti was decimated. Thousands of farmers went out of business. Fields were left abandoned. People starved to death. All because a former US President didn’t know that his actions that supposedly helped US rice farmers had actually wiped out the livelihoods and actual lives of other people.

I’m going to spend a lot of time working through, writing about, talking about things that we probably don’t understand. Things that I don’t fully understand. Things that appear to be one way. Things that when you dig into them further, show that they are actually a different way.

When we eliminate confusion and misunderstanding, it will be easier to see and then fight evil.

That’s what I plan on doing – I hope you will too.


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