12 Words – a Powerful Statement

You know, I never really gave it much thought.

It was just part of the Sunday morning worship service. Sometimes the pastor would say it and sometimes the Pastor wouldn’t.

But after a while, I began realizing that no, he didn’t say it sometimes. It was a consistent statement, a solid foundation to build the rest of the worship service and frankly your week on.

It’s a conversation. Actually, it’s more of a testimony.

No matter whether you lost your job or someone you care about lost their battle with cancer or depression….. (We could name a million challenges that you could face in a week.) Even though we hurt, even though we suffer, even though we question, we acknowledge this one true foundation:

“God is Good!” said by the worship leader. One of the church leaders, someone who knows more about the pain that sits or stands in front of them than pretty much anyone in the church up and firmly proclaims that God is good!

The congregation plays an important role in this. They respond, in one voice:

“All the time.”
Even when jobs are lost
“All the time”
Even when loved ones die
“All the time”
Even when hate crimes seem to be on the rise.
“All the time”
Even when illnesses don’t heal.
“All the time”

And then the call is reversed.

“All the time”
“God is good”

What a powerful statement to make in light of the world we live in.

What a powerful statement to make in light of all of the illness, sickness, and death in this world.

What a powerful statement to make in light of the increase of publicized racial tension.

God is good. And we must hang on to that.

All the time. Not only when the going is easy.





“GOD is good, a hiding place in tough times. He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, No matter how desperate the trouble.”
Nahum 1:7 MSG

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