Telling My Story….. (Whose pen is it anyway?)

So, originally (not back when I started the blog, but earlier this year) when a medical procedure threw my life upside down in many ways, one of the things that I did was to attempt to plan out an “outline” of what I wanted to write on here and when and how.

And I got a lot of it written.

And some of it posted.

But it didn’t “flow” the way I felt it should. And so things kind of went in spurts. A lot and then periods of quiet….. A lot of the flow had to do with spurts of strength and weakness both physically and mentally/emotionally.

And then there’s TobyMac…..

“God’s Not Done Writing Your Story – Stop Trying To Steal the Pen.”

That quote has been haunting me – in a good way.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m keeping the list – but throwing away the calendar.

If what I’m going to talk about needs some explanation to set it in the right context, I will do that – probably in italics at the top of the post.

And then I’m handing the pen back to God.

“God, this isn’t about me. I’m just an ordinary guy.”

Stay tuned……


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