Another Lap Around the Sun

As we move forward, I look in the rearview mirror, what do I see?

⁃ I see church people being the hands and feet of Christ. In real.tangible.immediate.ways.
⁃ I see an ICU nurse who still asks how I’m doing every time she sees my daughter, the pharmacy tech, at the hospital.
⁃ I see “not so random” acts of kindness that can never be repaid but will someday be paid forward.
⁃ I see many people who think they can “make it better” by saying something (Hint – you can’t – but more on that later)
⁃ I see many people who know that the best thing they can do is “sit with you” in your pain. Whether it’s pain over medical issues or pain/grief over the death of a Father or a combination of both. Those who just were there and said, “I hear you.” They are more valuable than gold.
⁃ I see the silent hug of a church friend in the church aisle while I walk back from an emotional communion service and feeling the pain of it all.
⁃ I see a society with a lot of hidden pain. There’s a lot of visible pain but there’s a large amount of hidden pain that people rarely allow out to see the light of day.

I could go on and on about all of the ways that I’ve seen God at work since then. Frankly, one of the ways I can see God at work is by the fact that I’m here.

We all have a story. This AVM has been a part of my story for the last 40 years. In many ways I didn’t truly appreciate how much of an impact it had on my story, how big of a part it is in my story. It has been woven throughout my story and yet in many ways it’s possible to see God working through it and impacting our lives.

I’ve mentioned it on here before, but the musician TobyMac shared a quote that has been extremely meaningful to me:

“God is still writing your story. Stop trying to steal the pen.”

In the last few days, I’ve told you a brief overview of some of the chapters of my life. I have been blessed beyond measure and those chapters do not define who I am.

The chapter called 2018 is one I don’t want to come back to, but I also believe that we’re going to eventually see that God uses the events in a way that we’ll look back and say, “Okay, God, I see……”

It’s one thing to know that, it’s another thing to wait and wait and wait for the answers.

It’s going to be an interesting journey.


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