What is this?

What is this Spiritual Journey? Maybe I should start by telling you what it is not…..

This journey is not:

  • An effort to find my faith. My faith in God remains strong, in many ways it is stronger than it has been. But more on that later.
  • An effort to follow in my father’s footsteps. I greatly respect my Father and in the 53 years that I was able to do this thing called life with him, I was blessed in many ways to be “that” preacher’s kid. However, I am not my father, I am not intending to try to be my father. Instead, I’m attempting to take the blessings and the wisdom that he has shared over the years and tell the stories and share the insights through the lenses of my life, my experiences and the impact of things and people who have influenced my spiritual journey.
  • A recopy of what he wrote, preached and shared during his ministry here. It will be very deeply influenced by his work and will be extensively quoted, but it will be my writings in response to what The Bible and my Dad say and have said.

This journey is:

  • A journey back through the spiritual life and the work of a man who followed Jesus his entire life. Through it I expect to see many things. Some of them that we knew were important. Some of them we didn’t remember them as important then and we probably don’t recall them now. God used his words time and time again and I believe that God will continue to use them.
  • The Pastor at my church has said that God is wanting all of us to ask ourselves what we have to do to make more space and listen to Jesus more. My prayer is that God uses this and the time people spend reading it to open hearts and to allow us to see God – even through tough times. Especially in tough times.  But even more, my prayer is that God uses this in me.  Because I know I need to hear it and live it more.  I suspect we all do.
  • A study of the Bible through the sermons of Howard Vanderwell. I will be taking each of his sermons, reviewing them, pondering them and writing about them. I’m not going to attempt to set a goal as to how many I’m going to do a day or anything else like that. Why not? Because this journey isn’t being led by me. This journey is being led by the Holy Spirit, and if I set a goal on how many I’m going to do a day, I’m limiting God. I’m learning not to do that.

How will it come “out”? The plan at this point is that they will show up on http://tomvanderwell.net and there will be a sign-up form on there soon where you can have them delivered straight to your e-mail and can read them there. Eventually, someday, we hope to be able to publish them as a devotional book or series of devotional books that people can continue read and to live into and learn from God’s word through this effort.

So, if you want to be notified every time a new one gets posted, sign up on the A Spiritual Journey sign up form and that will keep you informed.

I feel a bit like a hiker who is about to head into a beautiful forest. We know it’s beautiful, we know that we will see some amazing and wonderful things. But we also know we might stub our collective toes. We might get lost and wander off the path. We might get chased by a wild pig running loose. But in spite of this, we can move forward because we know:

“I am not my own but belong, body and soul, in life and in death to my faithful savior Jesus Christ.” Heidelberg Catechism Q & A 1

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


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