Isolation 2.10

Why 2.10? Because today is the 10th day since my youngest and I moved into my in-laws place while they are still down in Florida.

10 Days and we are still speaking to each other – and mostly in nice tones too!

10 Days and we have both learned more about how to give each other space – not only social distancing space but emotional space when needed and the opposite.

Social Media – it helps those you want to be with, to be here. It helps bring connections closer that might have drifted apart otherwise.

Social Distancing – becomes a little more real when you hear that someone who lives about 3-4 miles away from where you are currently living died of the virus earlier today. It’s here. It’s here now.

Wondering – what’s going to happen to the economy, what’s going to happen to the kids and school? How is the online school going to work? One of my kids did online schooling for a couple of years – a very good thing for the right people with the right teachers. As a former substitute teacher who at one point thought he was going to be a teacher, I want to stand and wish all of our teacher’s all of God’s blessings as they attempt to take their class and make a 90 degree turn in very little time.

Amazement – since I was dating this cute girl in high school who was going to be a nurse, I’ve always known that nurses and doctors are amazing people. I think we’ve all seen what an amazing group of people the doctors, nurses, RTs, NP’s, PA’s and RDCS’s are abd it’s not just one “group” of them – all the way up and down the line from the doctors and administrators to the kitchen and environmental services people. They all are amazing on a daily basis but they think they are just doing their jobs. I remember one time my wife said to someone, “Yeah, I take care of babies at the hospital.” That in itself is a true statement. What that doesn’t tell you is that her average patient weighs oh maybe 2 lbs when they first come to the Neo Natal ICU.

As I’ve told you, I have my own health challenges that would make it foolhardy to volunteer to help on the front lines. But there are so many people all around us who are just quietly stepping up and doing their job. Doing it faster and harder and longer because we can see need. In the earthquake a decade ago in Haiti, the heroes were doctors and nurses and excavators and search and rescue teams and ambulance drivers and helicopter pilots. This CoronaVirus has the ambulance drivers and doctors and nurses and grocery truck drivers and shelf stackers and the list could go on and on and on.

Yeah, it’s Isolation 2.10 and the governor of Michigan just extended the isolation to April 30. I hate to say it, but I think we all know it won’t be over by then.

There are times in the isolation that it feels like I’m not really doing anything to help. But then I remember what at least one of the medical people at the press conferences said, “If you go home and sit on your couch and watch Netflix and nothing happens, we won!” By staying at home, by wearing the mask that kind of makes your ears look bigger, you keep the virus from getting you and from giving it to how many others, that is doing something to help.

So, go watch Netflix. Tomorrow is Easter, and I’m going to predict that more people will go to church on Easter than have in many years. And they won’t even leave their living rooms. The churches are doing a wonderful job of transitioning from doing church inside a building to doing church via video and social distancing. The church is so much bigger than a building.

If you want some recommendations of websites to check out for church, left me know.

Are we isolated? Yes. Other than the one time my 27 year old brought groceries over and i was on the other side of the garage, I can’t remember any other time where I talked to anyone in person. Online or on the phone (yes, some people still actually use them as phones) conversations have skyrocketed. It makes you think about what the world is going to be like when this is all done. I’ll be writing more about that later, but I think it’s safe to say we are not going back to business as usual.

More later, have a good night and a Blessed Easter,


P.S. In light of this isolation – a challenge for all of us – what kind of a difference would it make if we all reached out to someone we know who might be struggling, might be lonely, someone who could use a little cheering up and called them, zoom’d them, FaceTime’d them, text’d them, FB’d them, well you get the picture. Take a few minutes and reach out to someone who might be lonely.

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