An interesting thing happened on the way to church yesterday.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t violate the social distancing or the stay at home – I went from the kitchen to the living room).

On the way, something changed.   I didn’t know it because our Pastor hadn’t shared it yet.   But as he started getting into his sermon, suddenly it hit me.   In previous weeks, most of the sermons I’ve heard (and from well beyond our church – podcasts) have focused on providing comfort and care in very hard times.   I get that and I need that – just ask my wife and my counselor.

What changed?  The message that was delivered had a much more blended purpose.   Now if you ask me, most of the time when you blend two flavors together, both of them lose some of what they were.   Strawberry and Banana Yogurt,  coffee with cream, chocolate and peanut butter (well, maybe if it’s Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups it doesn’t).  

Pastor Darrell’s message was Trader Joe’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups.  It was both.  Both comfort and challenge.   Both a reassurance that God’s bigger than this along with a challenge to be God’s hands and feet to the hurting.

The message yesterday was focusing on two main things:

  • How do we make it through this difficult time


  • How do we go about making this less painful for others, less stressful for others?  How do we go about making this an opportunity to show God’s love even when we are in the basement with the blinds shut?  In other words, how do we go on offense?

Pastor Darrell had 10 points to his sermon, I’m not going to go over all of them.  That’s too long to do in one blog post.   But I do think I will share more of my thoughts on them in separate blog posts later.

And Then…..

I was reading the Bible in my personal devotions and came to Psalm 1:6 which says:

Psalm 1:6 (The Message) God charts the road you take.

Raise your hand if  on April 20, 2020 the road you’re on is where you thought you’d be……

Yeah, I’m not raising my hand either.

But that’s okay, because God charts the road you take.

And the road I take my neighbor takes, or your neighbor, or the guy who walks down your street.

God charts the road YOU take.

So, in spite of all of the bad news, in spite of all of the unknown…..

GOD charts the road you take.

And that makes all the difference in the world.  In this world, and in His world.

Remember that.


P.S.  There’s only one time I can remember ever personally being involved in a protest and that involved Teddy Bears, a coup in Haiti and a Senate Briefing room in Washington.   A story for another day.

But I do want to say that a well focused, well organized, coherent strategy and message is a very advantageous to the cause that you might be protesting for.  If you question that, read “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sometime.  I did and it was an awesome opportunity to see more of the “people” and not just the “public figures” in the Civil Rights movement

I am a firm believer in the First Amendment and my ability to write whatever I want on here.   But I also believe that when you show up to a protest about pandemics, viruses, hospital supplies, staff and keeping everyone safe – even those with compromised health prior to this – and you do so carrying rifles and waiving confederate flags – you aren’t really showing up to protest Gov. Whitmer’s “stay home rules.” 

Be nice to everyone you meet today (from at least 6 feet away).  We could all use a little extra kindness in our days during all of this.

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