Three Words

I learned a lot from three words yesterday.

I saw them on the office door at my counselor’s office.   I wasn’t supposed to be there, we were supposed to meet online.   But I didn’t hear him say it and he doesn’t remember.   So we met by phone a little later.

But while we were figuring that out, I was in the outside lobby of the building.   I think someone was there because the main doors were open.  Anyway, on the door to Randy’s office, it said something like this:

“Due to the pandemic and the desire to keep everyone as safe as possible, we will be doing all of our appointments by FaceTime (not that exact one but close).  In the mean time, enjoy the extra time you have and enjoy it with family or do the projects around the house (if you already have the supplies), spend more time with the family.  

Or Just Be.”

Or just be…..  Take some pressure off your own self and just be.  Be in the moment.  Be in the day.   Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t try to solve all of your problems today, just deal with the problems that are necessary today.

Or just be…. And if that means you have a little smaller stash of ice cream around, then so be it.

Or just be….and don’t take it personally when the Joneses across the street have successfully pulled all 452 dandelions out of their yard and you haven’t even mowed yours yet.

Or just be…..  Rest in the confidence that God is bigger than the evil that happened to George Floyd.  Rest in the comfort of knowing that He knows what’s going to happen before we could even imagine it.

Or just be….. Be well even when the world is not – because God is.

or just be……a smiling face to someone who is having a hard time making things look anything other than awful.

or just be.

Right now that’s hard, really hard.  But we can all do it.

If we all do our part to help our “neighbors.“


P.S.  I will talk more in a bit about Randy (my counselor) and why I think it would do everyone good to have someone like that to talk to…….

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