I need to tell you a story about some chicken……

It also has to do with my daughter.   She started college a “few years back” and discovered that she didn’t want to do what she thought she did.   So she stepped back from school and took some time to figure “things” out.   And it wasn’t an easy figuring out.   But she did.  

And the last couple of months of her college life were spent with school but also still working in the pharamacy at the hospital.   Now, if you had asked me 10 years ago, what “in the pharmacy” meant, I would have said a nice calm filling prescriptions.   And that would be part right.   But the other part was a lot different.  It was being in the ICU or in the ER and being ready to bring the supplies and the pharmacists and doctors call for because they need it right now.   Not in 5 minutes, but now.  So the motorcycle accident that comes in on aeromed – they need to be ready for it.  The car accident where they get an adult and three kids and that’s only half of the people involved in the accident.   Oh and guess what?   The ER was also getting a LOT of the local Covid cases.   I asked her once and she basically said that it’s sort of like a series of circles.   The closest circle is the front line – it’s the doctors, the PA’s, the ones on the front line who are making the decisions that will change the outcome of the case and the life of that patient.   The first row behind them is the pharmacists, the RN’s etc. who are following the orders and making sure that things happen so that what the doctor wants can happen.  Any kind of test, drug, picture etc. that’s needed, they get it done – and the 2nd row are the ones who support the people who need to get things done.   Doc says, “patient needs _____ of _______.  The pharmacist counts on the pharmacy techs to get them the medicine they need to make it happen.

So, she was going to school, while working and working in an environment that wasnt always stressful but definitely had it’s times.  And then there’s the risk of Covid at work and the risk that you could get it and that you could take it home to where your Dad and your younger sister are both at “high risk” of getting a bad case of it,if they get it.  And she graduates – but doesn’t really graduate because graduations for the class of 2020 are currently scheduled for October 10, 2020 but she’s not holding her breath.  She got her diploma, she passed her board exams and today we helped her move down to Ohio – where she will be working at one of the top children’s hospitals in the country (you can analyze them 6 ways from Sunday and it’s still a really good place).  What’s she going to be doing?   I believe the title is a pediatric cardiatric sonographer.  What’s that?  That means she will be taking pictures of kids hearts so their doctors can help them get better.   Why did she pick this?  In part because ½ of her family that is older than her are in the medical field.   But more because of her youngest sister, Abby, who has been battling a heart condition, well, we’ve known about it since she was 12.

Jumping back to tonight, her mom, Emily and I are working on getting things set up for her new place in a new state and a new town and decide to get supper.   It was pretty easy to decide – Chik-Fil-A.   If they don’t have “In and Out” burgers, then it’s Chik-Fil-A.   

We pulled up and I was seriously questioning the wisdom of going there.   I was hungry and the line for the drive thru went around the restaurant 3 times (or so it seemed.)  They had a guy out directing traffic and showing people which line to get into.   They had people taking orders, they had people collecting money, they had people delivering food and it was the most insanely fascinating view of teamwork I’ve ever seen.   And we were through the drive thru in maybe just over 10 minutes!   I was blown away by the organization, the team work and the smiles.   They obviously knew they were doing something more than the rest of the fast food world was and it was an opporunity to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter and showing some determination when there struggles making it harder.

So, whether you are trying to balance school during Covid induced screwy schedules or you are trying to make someone’s day just a little better, or you want to reach out and help someone who is really hurting, think about the college kid who is zipping around the parking lot making sure people get their chicken, oh and don’t forget the young woman who moved 5 hours away from her family to make a difference in the lives of little kids.

And then ask yourself, what can you do to lighten someone else’s load in these crazy times.

Thanks for joining in,


P.S.  The chicken was good

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