I Wonder……

I often wonder why…..
Why did God put us where we are?

How do we deserve where we are?
What does it mean? How does it go?

Does a new me eliminate an old me?

Does a new place eliminate an old place?

Does 2021 eliminate the damage that 2020 has done?

There were thousands and hundreds of thousands of empty chairs at Christmas, probably even millions of empty chairs because of Covid:

  • Some were gone and called home to their forever home. I hope that most of them find it a good, and excellent home. Though some did not.
  • Some were pouring out their heart and soul and all they knew – fighting to stem the tide, the tide that kept coming and coming.
  • These professionals stayed on the front lines in an effort to help as many as possible to spend more time on earth, even at possible risk to them and their families.
  • All of these were and are heroes.

Many empty chairs.

Pray for open hearts in spite of pain filled souls.


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