Remember that part in the Bible where the Good Samaritan sees a man in the road hurting and before stopping to help he said,

“Before I help, do I fully agree with his philosophy?”

“Let me wait until I know the full story.”

“What did he do to end up in this situation, maybe he has a criminal past.”

“Is he REALLY hurt? Did he bring this on himself?”

“What about all the other issues going on in the world?”

Can’t seem to find that verse…can anyone help me? 

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“That’s not an either/or! And even if it was an either/or, it still wouldn’t excuse what Trump did. He didn’t just downplay the virus. He openly mocked mask-wearing, one of the only proven tactics we have to mitigate the spread. He pushed hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus, even though the FDA revoked its emergency use authorization for the drug in mid-June. Heck, he even suggested that people might benefit from shining a bright light inside their bodies or ingesting disinfectant to combat the virus?”

An Open Letter to My Friend Bill…..


Dear Rep. Huizenga,

Twenty to twenty five years ago, if we had met for lunch or at a golf course or at a title company office, I would have greeted you with a “Hey Bill,” or a “Hi Bill!” There were certain people I did business with where it was just business. There were others where it started out as business but moved to being “business” with a major dosage of friendship.

I feel like ours moved from business to business with friendship quite soon and I still look at those times fondly. There were the “occasional” lunches and then there was golf (for those of you who don’t remember, those were the days before the housing crisis of 2008 and back in the days where mortgage lenders (I spent over 20 years as one) could have a pretty much unlimited expense budget as long as you could verify that the Realtor/Builder/Accountant/FinancialPlanner/etc. sent you enough business. It didn’t take long until we hit that “range” both ways. I took good care of your clients and some of my clients who were looking for a Realtor went to your office and were well taken care of.

I don’t recall for sure, but within a short amount of time, plans were made for us to be partners in the Greenridge Realty golf league (they let bankers play too). It was a handicapped golf league (for the non-golfers it just meant that some “teams” got an advantage in terms of strokes. So, if you are a +6 Handicap and your opponent in that round was a +1 handicap, he would have to win by more than 5 strokes to win the round.

Bill, you and I were partners for two years in a row. The only two years I played on the golf league. But the amazing thing about it is that we won both years! I won’t tell what I remember of your golf scores but mine were very “middle class.” Got to love that handicap! I was on the golf team in high school, never won anything. 15 to 20 years later, we win two years in a row.

But I’m writing you because I’m worried. There’s a house down the street from my house that has two signs up in front.
• Vote for Huizenga – that was pretty much all that sign says.
• Right next to it, maybe 12 inches apart, there is a “Vote Trump” sign.

Bill, I have to tell you that seeing those signs together really made me stop and think.

What happened to the Bill that I knew?

The Bill that I did business with would never support someone with some of the personal flaws that our president has.

The Bill I knew would not support someone as president who has lied so many times, we’ve lost count.

The Bill I knew would not support someone for president who has treated women the way Donald Trump does. I know we both have 5 kids, I don’t remember who many of yours are girls. I have 4 who are girls and his behavior and treatment of women concerns me greatly.

The Bill I knew would not support Donald Trump on his “pro-life” stance – because the Trump pro-life stance only deals with life before birth and pro-life is much more than that.
Pro-life is pre-birth but also fighting poverty, the school to prison pipeline, racism, not a

The Bill who I knew would not support a candidate who sends out seemingly irrational tweets that cause consternation and disbelieve in the world.

So, Bill, help me out.

I’m assuming that there is something beyond all of this that makes you want to support him.

I’ll be honest I don’t see it……

Show me –



It’s okay….

What’s okay? The news?


The crime figures?


The fact checker results when politicians give speeches?


The most recent Covid statistics and the grief and pain that they represent?

Not a chance

The anxiety ridden discussions that take place on places like Facebook as parents wrestle with big questions about this school year. At home? Online? What about work? My career? My high school and college aged kids – what will this do to their plans?

Last week I had a relative whose job changed drastically, a friend who had to go back to college to bring her daughter home – because she’ll be doing college from the basement rather than at college. Oh, and two families who decided that they were going to home school this coming year rather than send their kids to the local private school. That reduced the number of students at the school by 4.

One of the difficult things about churches, private schools, orphanages, missions is that often you are forced to make business-like decisions in the middle of a charity run organization – and often in very desperate times. So, that school I mentioned above, they removed 4 kids from the local private school – I don’t know, but I would be surprised if that didn’t cost the school $25,000 or more this year. How do they make that up?

And this week, one of the major political parties held their “virtual” convention. I know it’s necessary to finalize the candidate the delegates are supporting, but let’s be real…..

If you watched the speeches and listened to the talking heads analyzing it all 6 ways from everywhere, how much of it can you really believe it is true? I’m working on a very personal piece about that which I promise will be out before the election. It is hard to write because basically, I’m…….. (sorry, not going to give you a sneak peek.)

I’ve had conversations with some of you about the whole concept of righteous anger. If something truly crosses that “line in the sand” for you, then it is okay to be mad about it. It’s okay to be angry that _______ is happening. It’s okay to be upset that the President said _________. It’s okay to be angry at what those who are not following Covid guidelines are doing to the health of so many and frankly the health of our nation.

It’s okay to be angry.

It’s okay to be angry at God because He didn’t give you what you wanted.

It’s okay to be angry at politicians who you feel betrayed their word.

It’s okay to be angry about children who are caught in immigration struggles that POWs shouldn’t even have to face.

Get angry. But then don’t stop there. Don’t just walk around being angry.

It reminds me of the song by the Christian Music Artist, “Mike’s Chair.” It goes something like this:

“Then I shook my fist at heaven and I hollered, ‘God, why don’t you do something?”

And then God said, “I did……I CREATED YOU!!!!!”

We’re going to be talking a lot more about the “do something” part of it, for a number of reasons, but for now, just think about this thought…..

The world is messed up.

God’s okay with us being mad about it.

But he wants us to not be satisfied with being angry but to do something about it.

More to come,